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Universality of Transformation

City: Vancouver
State: WA
Zip: 98663
Our purpose is to offer consciousness-based education, mentorship and that of spiritual and emotional guidance to all persons who are, but not limited to, being marginalized by society. Most especially for those within our LGBTQ family and others who may have little or no means of familial, religious or other community support in regards to emotional and spiritual self-care. This personal and collective guidance is intended to promote personal and collective well-being, community building and equanimity of all members of a diverse society. Our current programs directly address the issues of suicide, bullying, self-harm, victimization and language- which has become ubiquitous in society. Including also, the process of healing the rift within the LGBTQI population.
Telephone: 360-334-1171
Population Served: LGBTQI, intersexed and indigenous peoples (all margenalized communities)
Languages Spoken: English
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