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Northwest Gender Alliance

Address: PO BOX 4923
City: Portland
State: OR
Zip: 97208-4928
The Northwest Gender Alliance (NWGA) is based in Portland, Oregon. The NWGA is a non-profit social, support and educational group for trans individuals, historically for those who identify themselves as transgender (TG), transsexual (TS) or as crossdressers (CD). The NWGA is open and affirming of all gender, sex, and sexual identities, and we welcome MTF / transwomen, FTM / transmen, androgynous or gender-variant individuals, and intersex community members. The group, traditionally a “club,” holds monthly open meetings and sponsors a variety of transgender social functions throughout the year. They provide educational forums for public and private organizations or individuals interested in learning more about trans experience and the gender spectrum. Their members find support, understanding and acceptance on a one-to-one basis from others who face the similar challenges in life. They welcome new and diverse members.
Telephone: (503) 533-8787
Population Served: Transgender
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